What Is Credelio for Dogs: Understanding Its Safety and Use

What Is Credelio for Dogs: Understanding Its Safety and Use

Credelio is a medication used to protect dogs from fleas and ticks.

It’s a chewable tablet, it’s been FDA-approved and is suitable for dogs that are at least eight weeks old and weigh a minimum of 4.4 pounds.

Credelio targets the nervous system of fleas and ticks, causing paralysis and death, without harming the dog if administered correctly.

Whenever I discuss Credelio with fellow dog owners, the subject of safety inevitably comes up.

Credelio can be a reliable option for long-term protection from common parasites.

The treatment begins to kill fleas and ticks within hours of administration and lasts a full month.

As with any medication for your dog, you should always consult with the veterinarian before starting treatment.

They provide invaluable guidance on correct dosage and can help monitor for any potential side effects.

Overview of Credelio

What Is Credelio?

Credelio is a prescription chewable tablet designed for the treatment and prevention of flea and tick infestations in dogs.

Manufactured by Elanco, this beef-flavored tablet is administered orally and is suitable for dogs and puppies as young as eight weeks old, weighing at least 4.4 pounds.

Active Ingredient: Lotilaner

The active ingredient in Credelio is lotilaner.

Lotilaner is an ectoparasiticide, which means it’s designed to kill parasites that live on the body’s surface, such as fleas and ticks.

Credelio is part of the broader isoxazoline class, a category of parasiticides that are commonly prescribed by veterinarians for the control of fleas and ticks.

Safety and Efficacy

Is Credelio Safe for Dogs?

Credelio is deemed a safe flea and tick treatment option for most dogs, including puppies as young as 8 weeks old and weighing at least 4.4 pounds.

The chewable tablets are beef-flavored, which dogs typically find palatable.

Monitoring your dog for any side effects after administration is recommended, as each dog may react differently.

Efficacy Against Fleas and Ticks

Credelio’s kills adult fleas and can also aid in combating several types of ticks, including the brown dog tick, lone star tick, and black-legged tick.

It starts to work quickly, eliminating fleas within four hours, and achieving high efficacy against ticks.

It’s generally considered a reliable choice for ongoing prevention as confirmed by detailed reviews.

Usage Guidelines

Proper Dosage and Administration

For treating and preventing flea and tick infestations in my dog, I administer Credelio as per my vet’s prescription.

It’s a chewable tablet, and giving the correct dosage is vital.

I follow the instructions on the package closely, ensuring that my dog consumes the entire dose.

If I find that my dog spits the tablet out or fails to chew it, I may hide the tablet in a small amount of food or administer again, making sure the full dose is taken.

It’s essential to give this treatment once every month to maintain its effectiveness.

Weight Considerations for Dosage

The amount of Credelio I give my dog is determined by their weight.

The medication comes in different strengths, and I always use the one that matches the body weight category of my dog to avoid underdosing or overdosing.

Here’s a quick guide:

  • 4.4 to 6 lbs: Administer one 56.25 mg tablet
  • 6.1 to 12 lbs: Administer one 112.5 mg tablet
  • 12.1 to 25 lbs: Administer one 225 mg tablet
  • 25.1 to 50 lbs: Administer one 450 mg tablet
  • 50.1 to 100 lbs: Administer one 900 mg tablet

For dogs over 100 lbs, I use a combination of tablets that equate to the appropriate dosage based on their exact body weight.

I always round up to the nearest body weight category when my dog is between sizes to ensure the efficacy of the treatment.

Possible Side Effects and Precautions

Before giving Credelio to your dog, you should be aware of the possible side effects and necessary precautions.

This can help in making an informed decision on whether this treatment is right for your dog.

Common Side Effects

Side effects of Credelio can vary from one dog to another. From my experience, the most common side effects include:

  • Vomiting: This can occur shortly after administration.
  • Diarrhea: Some dogs might experience gastrointestinal discomfort.
  • Neurologic adverse reactions: In rare cases, Credelio may lead to neurologic issues such as:
    • Tremors: Uncontrollable shaking which generally is temporary.
    • Incoordination: Difficulty in movement or loss of control.
    • Seizures: If my dog has a history of seizures, I’m particularly cautious.

It’s important to monitor your dog after administration for these effects.

If you observe any of these reactions, contact your vet immediately.

Precautions and Warnings

When considering Credelio, take note of the following precautions and warnings:

  1. Allergy & Dermatitis: If your dog has a history of allergies, watch for signs of dermatitis or other allergic reactions.
  2. Pregnant or Lactating Dogs: Safety in pregnant or lactating dogs hasn’t been established.

    I always discuss the use of any medication with the vet in these cases.

  3. Dosage: Ensuring the correct dosage is critical.

    The dose of Credelio is 9mg per 1 pound of body weight and should be administered once a month.

  4. Health Conditions: Existing health conditions can affect how Credelio works for your dog.

    You should discuss any pre-existing conditions to ensure all health information is up-to-date with the vet.

Always talk to your vet to ensure that the benefits outweigh the risks for your dog when considering flea and tick medications like Credelio.

Additional Considerations for Pet Owners

When choosing the right flea and tick prevention, it’s important to consider both the surrounding environment and the specific benefits the treatment can offer.

Here, we’ll explore how factors such as our living space impact infestation risks, and what makes Credelio a suitable option for many pets.

Environmental Factors and Infestation Prevention

Living in an area with heavy vegetation or high wildlife activity can significantly increase the risk of flea and tick infestations for our dogs.

It’s crucial to regularly treat our yards and homes to reduce these pests’ habitats.

Prevention is more effective than treating an existing infestation and can spare our pets from discomfort and potential flea allergy dermatitis—a common allergic reaction to flea bites.

Benefits of Using Credelio

Credelio comes highly recommended by veterinarians and is known for being a safe and effective method to protect our dogs from fleas and ticks when used correctly.

It is suitable for puppies as young as 8 weeks of age as long as they meet the weight criteria.

Credelio is especially noteworthy for its fast-acting and long-lasting defence, providing peace of mind for pet owners that their companions are safeguarded against these parasites.

Plus, the chewable form is convenient for dogs who are fussy about taking medication.

Product Information

Credelio Product Composition

The medication comes in form of chewable tablets, which are simple to administer.

These chewables are beef-flavored, making them palatable to most dogs.

In terms of composition, the active ingredient is lotilaner, an effective ectoparasiticide.

For pet owners concerned about allergies and food sensitivities, Credelio is gluten-free.

Tablets are available in a blister pack, ensuring they are protected and easy to keep track of.

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